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Thread: Semi Bricked? Is this Wii finished. Paperweight Perhaps. Thanks for help.

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    Semi Bricked? Is this Wii finished. Paperweight Perhaps. Thanks for help.

    My friends had their wii modded a while ago by someone and now it is messed up.
    My friend tried to install the netflix channel and then it started to update, not sure what happened at that point but now all the wii gets on screen is this. This wii has a hardrive attached to it via usb as well for backup games. They would run the games from GFX? I think.

    My buddy who first modded it cant get it to work, he said it will not access the SD card anymore, he has tried other cards and figured the SD card slot is deactivated?
    load and install wont reconize sd card slot. nothing makes a difference system menu, auto boot - none works

    Is this wii just a paperweight now?



    Could not open boot file!

    ISO V60
    SYSTEM MENU v449 preloader V0.29

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    Well least you have preloader.
    When you turn on the wii does the drive flash twice quickly?
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    Quote Originally Posted by narse1979 View Post
    Well least you have preloader.
    When you turn on the wii does the drive flash twice quickly?
    This is what my friend just told me that first modded it - No. That is why I think the boot2 hook for bootmii was overwritten... Of course having said that, it kind of looke like bootmii is there... The flash of white just before the system menu loads, problem is, it doesn't do the read to the sd card slot, so bootmii doesn't start... The way bootmii works is it queries the sd looking for a bootmii directory.

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    You have Priiloader setup to load a boot.dol (most likely on an SD card, if not on a FAT32 HD). The file is missing. What kind of SD card are you using --- it should be no larger than 2gb and a full SD card (not a MicroSD in adapter). You can remove the file it's looking for in the settings. What happens if you select HBC via Priiloader?

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    You need to get preloader to read an sd card or get it to load into HBC. If you can't get preloader to read a standard sd card, 1-2g your going to have trouble. Put this on a standard sd card-
    Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFireoad it from load/install by selecting the HBC forwarder and pressing 2. Hopefully you can read an sd card and load the HBC. Once you get in the HBC do my softmod guide from start to finish, chapter 1, 2, 3.

    If you can not load from sd card you have 2 other options.
    1- update from disc to sm 4.2 via savemiifii
    2- Install a modchip and try to load a recovery disc via savemiifrii.
    If you have a chip I would do 2 first, otherwise cross your fingers and hope the disc update sorts your issue. Updating from disc will remove preloader and any patched system ios, which would make option 2 more difficult. So consider that if you did have a patched ios60 you could load an app from disc without an sd card using a modchip, but after the disc update you could not load anything without the sd card working.
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