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Thread: Usb loader gx/hdd format

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    Usb loader gx/hdd format

    I hope this is in the right section..

    So I followed MFrogs guide to softmod my Wii, Its the American Black version.

    I bought the WODE and Installed the WODE.

    Now I cant seem to find the right guides to help me setup,to play my GC and Wii game backups with the WODE.

    I know I probably need to install the USB LOADER GX but have had trouble figuring out how exactly. I downloaded what I think is the latest one and placed it in the apps section of my SD/card in the wii, loaded it from the HBC screen but it doesnt locate the external HDD.

    If anyone could give me links, or tips, on a few following things that would be awesome! Ive litereally searched the forums and net for days..

    1-How do I setup, and install the USB Loader? Should I use the Loader GX? Or is their a better one..

    2.How do I get the WODE to recognize the Ex HDD? which file format is best? Fat32? NTSF? etc..

    3.Should I install both wiiflow and wodeflow? Whats the difference? If I need them how do I install them? Im attempting to play my GC and wii backups that I have stored on my PC currently in ISO format from an external HDD..
    It would be cool if I could also store the files on the HDD in seperate folders, Like wii games in a wii folder, GC games in the GC folder..

    Thanks again. And I hope their is some all in one guide that addresses this!

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    If you followed mauis guide correctly and all the way through you would have some loaders already set up.....

    and if you searched for days you would have found out about the wode...

    you dont gotta lie about Allll that work... it only takes a few mins.. no more spoon feeding.. do some reading.

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    You have to format your hd at a different partition, name WBFS. Your Wii can not see a hd with a fat,fat32 or ntfs. You need the wbfs manager to format your hd.


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