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Thread: Kirby Return to Dreamland + MW 3

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    Kirby Return to Dreamland + MW 3

    Hi all, need your help again. Have not touched my Wii for few months,until Kirby's newest game, then Modern Warfare 3, here's some problem on my softmodded wii, it's on 4.2U, NeoGamma R9 Beta 10 IOS 249 (Rev 19), i have no issue play MW3 on the softmod, but on Kirby, i had only white screen, anyone knows how to get Kirby to work and keep the MW3 working as well? thanks in advance

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    Update your guide softmod using Mauifrog's "Softmod any Wii" tutorial. Also, Narse put out the MW3 guide today; do mauifrog's guide and then consult MW3 guide.

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    so kirby will work with 250 then? if thats what you mean by consult the MW3 guide.

    edit: ok got it working now hmm... gonna post a video on yt
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    Ok never mind.. I got it working too! =^_^= Thanx for help. The iso 250 worked for me too.

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    If playing through neogamma, update it to R9 Beta 51... It's got a cIOS auto select instead of having to use IOS Switcher.... If anyone still has problems then it's quite possible that you do not have the correct cIOS installed.

    There is Beta 52 out now as well but haven't tested it.


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