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Thread: CFG USB Loader can't find/display/boot Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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    CFG USB Loader can't find/display/boot Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    I searched everywhere for the solution, but I just can't fix my problem.
    The problem I am experiencing is with SSBB. I saw a lot of threads about the game freezing while playing, but I can't even boot the game.

    I have a wii with wiid, but since all my discs started to become worse and worse I decided to softmod my wii.
    I have version 4.3E of my wii, so I used to install homebrew and after that I used mauifrog's guide to install cfg usb loader.
    I now have cfg usb loader version 65 with IOS248 mload (I believe). Under cIOS info the IOS numbers 222 till 250 are listed. But IOS245 and IOS246 are not installed. I have a HDD drive in fat 32 and most of the games just work fine. (It's a 16gB sandisk cruzer, which should just work..)

    But when I put brawl on my HDD through Wii Back-up Manager [that's how I also put my other games on my HDD], cfg just doesn't display brawl. In the list where all other games are listed, brawl isn't listed..
    So there is no way I can actually boot or play brawl.

    I've tried formatting my HDD to ntfs, changed config.txt, and put brawl as a .iso on my HDD. A fat1 error or something like that appears then. But I can still open my HDD but brawl isn't there yet again.. I also don't believe it's a dump. I used this torrent Removed links to pirated software. which should just work.. I changed a setting at wii backup manager which solved the brawl problem for some. (I changed a setting 'wii disc partitions to keep' to 'keep game partition only'.) But I still didn't have any progress..

    I have no idea what I am doin wrong..
    Can anybody fix my problem?
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    Piracy is against site rules. Please read them before making a post, and absolutely no links to pirated software.

    Go buy the retail game and use the disk to make a backup with a loader. Do not post about this again.
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