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Thread: Boom Blox Cheats

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    Boom Blox Cheats

    for those that want to play the extreme levels but just havent a hope in hell of getting there.

    press up, right, down and left at the title screen then type the code for the desired effect. i like flower power

    My Team--------Convert All Cheerleaders to Profile Character
    Maestro---------Converts base blocks to jingle blocks
    Flower Power----Converts explosion effects to flower explosions
    Blox Time--------Enable Slow-mo in Single Player Mode
    Tool Pool--------Unlock all toys in Create Mode
    Critter Litter-----Unlocks all characters in create mode
    Pandoras Blox----Unlocks all Levels
    Nonstop Props---Unlocks all Props in create mode

    please visit the source too to give them some ad revenue at least. if anyone reading has never heard of, and there might be a couple of you, just go check it out its very interesting site indeed with details and game guides on practically every game ever

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