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Thread: MW3 ON 4gb usb stick.. please read

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    MW3 ON 4gb usb stick.. please read

    Got my wii up and running soft modded for a bit of a while. And wanted to ask is it possible to play it on my 4gb usb stick not HDD but thumb stick.. I played black ops on it succesfully by scrubbing black ops campaign stuff. So Please do help. Also i googled and there are no news about mw3 reviews etc. Could someone tell me whats left out, k bye thnx

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    im done with sd card, just usb thumb stick spoon feeding lol but yeah my wii got dust. And I cant afford mw3 for my ps3 and my uncle bought it for me on wii so yeah.. i just need some help.. uhh wut ios does it run on? since there is no official thread.. I CHECKED

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    Apparently it runs on IOS 57 and some people said you can run it the same way you run blackops
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    Thanks, I'll try that out.

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    About time for a thread closure and funnel'em to the guide (as was just done)...

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