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Thread: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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    Us Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    At long last, the latest installment of Call of Duty is here. Now, I personally was able to figure out what iOS to run for Black Ops last year, but do any of you guys have any idea if that same iOS 224 rev. 57 will still work for MW3?

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    yeah me too

    am wondering that too but backup manager wont even let me trasnfer it to my wbfs partition... Well figured out the one program i was using wasnt working right so i swtched toi wbfs manager 3.0 and it worked like a charm. The game is IOS57 am testing now and will respond back
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    Works with the same settings as black ops so yes your are correct BigBigMac thats the way to get the game working

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    awesome dude, really appreciate the help.. So, how good is the game itself??

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    Its sweet

    Quote Originally Posted by BigBigMacMac View Post
    awesome dude, really appreciate the help.. So, how good is the game itself??
    It was made by treyarch since they did so well with black ops for wii. I have only played online and its pretty sick the um45 is back along with a bunch of other guns and you prestige at level 80 and *poop* it reminds me of mw2 as far as the home screen goes and shit. my first match i got 16 kills 4 deaths bro
    All in all i like the maps and online play a lil better than black ops but dunno if mw3 for wii has survival mode
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    Also didnt have any problems connecting to multiplayer it worked perfect with mic enabled the first time i tried. Which was sweet cause had to do that stuff to get black ops to work

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    dude thanks for everything man you have been the best help brother

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    I just installed the Call of Duty MW3 onto my hard drive and when I try to load it on usb loadergx 2.3 it kicks me out and go's back to the homebrew channel.
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    It's supposed to work with IOS224. Go the settings when you are about to select the game and change the launch IOS

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    It appears I dont have Ios224 installed but do have Ios249.

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