Hi =)

I followed this guide : http://www.wiihacks.com/recommended-...d-any-wii.html ! I accomplished every single step and am already pretty happy about my small success because I was thinking about doing all this work already a year ago. But I never found a manual awesome like this one.
So as IŽd bet you know already that I have a question

I`ve got everything installed as I already said - Homebrew and everything is on, my SD works - I just bought a compatible small 320 GB external HDD and Super Smash Bros. (my BackUp Game to try) is loading. I come as far as right before the mainmenu - It shows the "Loading" symbol of the game and asks me if he has to create a savegame - I can choose yes or no then he asks me in both cases if I wish to create a "WiFi" connection. I can choose "Continue without saving" or "Back to mainmenu". In both cases the main menu appears and trying over and over again didnt help so far.
I hope you can help me

My Wii menu version is 4.2 btw.