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Thread: Hey everyone, UK noob here

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    Hey everyone, UK noob here

    Just joined, but have been lurking for a while. Firstly, WOW, what a great resource this place is, big thanks to all the regular posters :-)

    I've joined as I've a old wii, that was bought with a Wiikey pre-installed circa 2007 (I think). I've upgraded the firmware once so as to be able to play Mario Galaxy, but alas it's sat pretty redundant over the years. Recently my 5y/o son has taken an interest and loves Mario & Sonic @ the Olympic Games - (was it really that long ago?). My wife also is making positive comment at the Zumba ads on TV, so I guessing my old Wii is going to need some work to play the newer games.

    I looked into the firmware updates for my Wiikey v1, only to discover the world had moved on and soft mods were now possible - coming from an IT background more aligned to the s/w side of the house, I'm really pleased to see this.

    So here I am. So far, my progress has been frustratingly slow, having so far failed point blank to even be able to install the HBC, step one of the incredible soft mod guide on here. Oh well, that's enough from me for now, got several hundred pages to read to figure out how to progress beyond step 1

    Oh and I probably should have mentioned it's Mrs Panda's birthday in 2 days time, I've got her the zumba thing, so I'm up against the clock. There's gonna be PAIN if I hand her the game and tell her she can't play it until I've modded the Wii!

    I'll do my best not to ask dumb questions. It's good to be here.


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    Welcome to

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    Here is another excellent guide to get you softmodded

    Shadowsonic's 4.2 System Menu Softmod Guide

    But before you softmod, you might want to read this

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    Wanna play all your backups of a HDD

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