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Thread: My Wii HomeBrew is a Mess. Please help.

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    My Wii HomeBrew is a Mess. Please help.

    Hey everyone.

    So, I'll get right to the point, my Wii isn't loading games and I've tried fixing it. I just want to start over.


    Basically, the whole mess started when I installed a game right from the original disc. It didn't work, so, using my WBFS manager, I deleted it.

    After I did that - a lot of my games randomly would not load. I was unaware about the WBFS deleting bug, where some games will not load or freeze when you delete one game. Very frustrating because I had 40 games and I basically got frustrated and reformatted the whole HDD.

    So, as it stands, I have USB Loader GX, Configurable Loader, and HBC installed, as well as an IOS or two.

    I then chose to format my entire SD card, as well as HDD back to Fat 32.

    I would just grab a guide and start over but I'm confused about two things, and I've searched before I made this post, but still confused:

    1. Despite my formatting my SD and HDD, USB Loader GX and Configurable Loader are still on my Wii Menu screen. Should they not have been erased when I formatted my SD and HDD? I want them gone so I can have a fresh start.
    2. I want to avoid the WBFS deleting bug from now on, so I'll go with FAT32 this time. What I don't get though, is that FAT32 has a 2GB limit but games are almost always over 4GB? How do you transfer games to the Wii with this filesize limit?

    I hope I've been clear. I believe my Wii is 4.2U, if you needed that information.

    Thank you very, very much in advance.

    - Mike.

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    try use wiiflow and see if u have the same problem or not .. as usb loader gx always have weird bugs and even though they got new updates i wonder how come they dont fix the whole weird bug properly .. wiiflow is pretty good and they are rarely got complains..
    SYSTEM MENU V4.1U .. HBC v1.0.8 .. PRIILOADER V0.7(rev 138) .. Cios d2x v7-final ... WIIFLOW r417 .. NEOGAMMA B9 rev 47 (still lookin for new ones) .. etc etc

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    Okay, I'll make sure everythings formatted, I'll start from scratch.

    I'll install the HBC then WiiFlow.

    What else should I install to get all my games working?

    Also, can you help me with the FAT32 filesize problem?

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    The maximum size Fat32 will take is 4GB. You need to set your game manager to split the iso at 4GB.
    Regardless of that issue, I recommend you start over with the "softmod Any wii guide".
    That will get your Wii right up to date. You will then be set to play your backups from HDD again.
    Link to guide in my signature in the "Useful Links" spoiler.

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    Thank you!!

    Doing that now.


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