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Thread: Hi from NY

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    Hi from NY

    Hey there, fairly new to the world of modding. I had my Wii for 2 years and never knew that modding was possible. Then again after the first 6 months I gave up on the Wii and put it in the closet since I had no time/energy to play games on it. My experience with games was limited to Wii Sports and Impossible Mission. Otherwise I just never expanded my horizons before. To give you some background, my most advanced game system before the Wii was N64. I never owned a Playstation, PS2 or PS3, never had an Xbox, or anything beyond.

    At 23 you'd expect me to be a serious gamer, or at least experienced in technology, but in all honesty, video games just never seemed to do it for me. However as of recent I was bored and starting looking up how to get an emulator on the Wii for SNES. I can't help it, I'm seriously old school. I quickly learned about the modding options available and set up my SD card with the LetterBomb and let it loose. Got the Homebrew Channel installed and have the lastest version of the Wii software (not sure how) 4.3E and proceeded immediately to download the SNES9x GX. However I've run into some issues with that, and I think that either I'm stupid or I don't have something installed properly. Please feel free to check my other posts/threads for more details.

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