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Thread: 4.1U Softmod / USB HDD - Will newer games have issues loading?

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    4.1U Softmod / USB HDD - Will newer games have issues loading?

    Hey all. I used to be fairly involved in everything and had a few hundred posts on the forum but lost my account p/word and the email I used is no longer active so new account from me. I was quite knowledgable in the past however things have changed and I haven't used my Wii in quite awhile now.

    System - 4.1U and Softmodded

    Just have a couple of quick questions, I have also gone through the guides to refresh my memory on things:

    1 - If I go purchase one of the newer games ie. Tiger Woods 2011 / DK Country or Zelda Skyward Sword, will I have issues playing them off of my USB HDD due to missing IOS files? (Been about a year since the softmod was done)

    2 - If yes, I know it is possible to update my IOS files via SD Card and not the entire system version however my SD card reader broke for my computer. Do I need to use an SD card reader? (I searched this specific phrase as per a note in the already answered questions thread but found a long list of posts generally about a related topic that didn't answer the question.

    I believe that is all I need to know. As stated, I'm fairly familiar with things. I don't want to purchase one of these games and find out that my transferring onto the HDD isn't going to allow it to be played.

    Kind Regards and appreciate the help... I've seen some of the questions posted around on here and understand the frustration with redundant questions. I have read through guides and many threads. One thread that was "What IOS do I need for XXXX game" is no longer around when I clicked on the link hence my question.

    I never updated the IOS's on my Wii

    Thanks again

    EDIT: With Wad Manager installed I can just update the IOS files directly from the Wii rather than going out and purchasing another SD Card reader correct?
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    Yes you could run into issues with newer games. Original discs use IOS, backups use cIOS, so you probably would need to update both. Yes you can install wads from a fat32 HDD, but you really should get an SD card reader. They aren't very expensive. Once you do that you can follow maui's Softmod ANY Wii guide and it will update everything for you.


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