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Thread: guitar hero 5 & 6 help

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    guitar hero 5 & 6 help

    hi im new to this forum and wii hacking.
    recently i bought a guitar to play guitar hero games.
    the first game i downloaded was guitaer hero greatest hits to check if it works on my wii and it worked without ant problem, so i decided to go ahead and buy a guitar while downloading guitar hero 5 & 6 to my suprise when i tried to turn them on they didnt work, and as a noob as i am i dont know what to do to make them work and i hoped someone in this forum could help me fix my issue....
    tnx for advance and sorry if i posted in the wrong forum, and if i did i would appriciate if this thread could be moved to the right place.
    i use usb loader gx on a softmodded wii 4.3u

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    I guess you should have bought the game with that as well. We do not support Piracy..

    Thread Closed not moved..


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