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Thread: Wii Shop Channel User Agreement Problem

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    Wii Shop Channel User Agreement Problem


    I have a softmodded 4.0U wii, and am trying to get the Wii Shop Channel working.

    I've already updated the channel to the latest version (v20) via multi mod manager, i looked at the tutorials here and upgrading it to the latest version apparently makes it work fine. So my one installed fine, but whenever i go on to use it, the stupid user agreement comes up, but in order to accept it i have to upgrade my wii to the latest version.

    I was wondering if there was any way to bypass this instead?

    I also saw another thread on this forum detailing a similar problem, they used AnyRegionchanger 1.1b to mark the user agreement as "read", but that app doesnt seem to work for me.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.

    Thanks again


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    Thanks Nightstah! I have moderated all the comments in this thread because besides Narse and Night -- the help sucks! lol

    Try this again
    Quote Originally Posted by ambani View Post
    I got it to work,

    1. Go to User Agreements in Settings. And Don't Accept - Choose No. I read somewhere ARC troubleshoot that it requires an entry of Yes/No in the settings file. It can then manipulate it.
    2. Download AnyRegionChanger 1.1b and Mark EULA as read.


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    I have this same problem. I installed ARC and selected "READ" but still no luck. It wont even let me get to a point to reject the EULA. It wants to do an update. I have Priloader blocking updates so I said...Sure...Why not. But it still does not work.
    Any suggestions?


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