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Thread: Just been given a softmodded wii running 3.4E

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    Question Just been given a softmodded wii running 3.4E

    I've been doing some reading, and can't find any conclusive answers - sorry if I'm asking an obvious newbie question!

    I don't know how the wii was originally softmodded, only that it's running 3.4E and has iPlayer.

    I've got a few questions...
    1, Is it worth getting it updated to 4.3?
    2, If so, how? I've read some reports saying do a normal update (from nintendo), then redo the softmod. I've also read reports saying that updating from nintendo will brick it.
    3, The SD card currently in the wii has a lot of stuff on it - is any of this needed for normal running (ie is the card needed to let the softmod boot or anything)? Or am I ok to format the card? If I do, will I end up with an empty homebrew channel allowing me to start fresh?

    Again, sorry for the newbie questions. I am a tech person so am happy to reapply a softmod as long as it's safe. The engineer in me prefers to know how everything works so my ideal solution would be to start over and do it all myself, but from what I can gather that's a lot more trouble than it's worth.
    Ideally I'd like to end up with a softmodded wii running 4.3, and an empty homebrew channel - if this is unrealistic then I'm open to advice!

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Read the newbies guide [in my signature] for your answers. Then do the anywii guide on it. To answer ur 4.3 question, you do NOT want 4.3. You want 4.1. Read.


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    Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted to hear

    So it's ok to assume that whatever system version, and whatever softmod method was used, I can follow the 'softmod any wii' guide and end up with a 'clean' softmodded console!

    Thanks again, I was hoping for this to be the answer, just needed someone who knew what they were talking about to reassure me

    One more question, which I keep running into conflicting information on - does a system update from nintendo guarantee a brick, or is it fairly safe to do (I don't plan on testing it, I'm just curious). If it's a case of "it might break it", what is the reason/circumstances which would cause problems?

    Most of the guides I see here just say "DONT UPDATE", whereas I know a few people who have softmodded and they've told me that they just let it update every time and then redo the crack, and have never had a problem.
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    OK, I went through the guide, and everything seems to be working!

    One (small) issue, is that after checking everything, and setting up usbloader-gx etc.., I went to the system menu to see that it's still running 3.4! Obviously I forgot the 'System Menu 4.1' section

    Is it safe to just unzip the 3 wads from the modpack to my SD, go to bootmii and do it from there, or should I just start over?

    Alternatively... do I just stick with 3.4? I still have the iPlayer channel so afaik there's nothing to be gained from 4.1?

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    Just install the 3 wads using mmm or in mauis guide the app will show as bootmii (cboot) in the HBC

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    Thanks a lot, that worked perfectly (after it taking me about 10 minutes to get into bootmii - which had been removed during one of the formats of the card during the guide!).

    It's up to 4.1 now and all seems to be working fine!


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