I've been trying for days to get Configurable USB Loader to properly load games from my Seagate ST902504EXA101-RK 250GB drive (compatible according to your list). Every time I try to load a game via Configurable USB Loader, though, I get the black screen with white lettering "An error has occurred..."

I've formatted it to Fat32 and loaded game backups on it via the WBFS Manager. I know the game backups work, because I've used them successfully on SD card via my Wii Fusion mod chip. I've got the latest version of Configurable USB Loader installed. I've reinstalled wads from the original softmod for 4.3u Wiis that I performed (and apparently went smoothly) via this forum's excellent tutorial. I also installed d2x cIOS v3.1. I also tried troubleshooting the problem, based on your Blackscreens Causes and Solutions Guide. It didn't help, but I was able to install the mmm_pack's 4 wads without a problem.

At this point, I'm really stumped and frustrated, and if anyone has the time to give me some pointers I sure would appreciate it.