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Thread: Help with ripping/Fluidity full SFX & music MP3 RIP

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    Exclamation Help with ripping/Fluidity full SFX & music MP3 RIP

    Tried to rip Fluidity/Hydroventure's WAD and got so ar as to getting RBNK, RWSD, and RSEQ files. Can someone with experience help me decode/convert these into eventual MP3s? If it's into MIDI, I can easily convert this, but I'm at a standstill.

    Or if you feel really helpful, you can just give me a program that will (decode/convert/whatever you do with RBNK, RWSD, and RSEQ files) those files.

    Or if you feel really, really helpful, you can rip all of the Music and SFX.

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    Never messed with that or even thought about it. Best of luck. If you find out a way feel free to post it here so others can use it.

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    Thanks! I contacted a website with experienced rippers and if they give me a program, I'll try it. I'm trying to find a plugin for possibly winamp.


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