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Thread: WiiMC froze during installation

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    WiiMC froze during installation

    Hi, i softmoded my 4.3U wii with maui guide. When i installed WiiMC (app pack in maui guide), it froze at "Saving....". I had no choice but to hold "power button" to power off. I tried to install wiimc (in HBC) again, the application start (instead of installing) and i can play movie on my USB flash drive. There is no direct access wiimc box (channel?) on wii menu. Therefore, in order to start WiiMC, i have to go to HBC > WiiMC > Click "Load", then i can play movie.

    I also notice that in order for "usb configurable loader" (has its own box on wii menu) to start, i must have the "App Pack" SD card in Wii console. Otherwise, it will kick back to Wii Menu when i click on "usb configurable loader" box.

    I am not sure these 2 problems are related. Please help.


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    get your latest wiimc forwarder channel HERE

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    Thank you for your help. Please correct me if i am wrong. "usb configurable loader", "wiimc" and other applications (will install in future) run from sd card.

    I have 2 other questions:
    1. Is there any advantage of using "usb loader gx" ? will there be some kind of conflict with "usb configurable loader" if i install "usb loader gx"?
    2. If wii is connected to internet, will wii console be at risk of getting bricked?


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