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Thread: wii flow help

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    wii flow help

    my son updated wii to 4.3e now wii flow wont work any one help please tried to reload but it wont just says plug HDD in to usb port .

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    From what i know ... the update has patched all your CIOS updates that Wiiflow would use... in this case for friends that have done this i re did Mauifrogs mod any wii tutorial which gives you the the latest CIOS/ios tweeks ... i wont link the guide as i am fairly new here but will tell you its in the tutorial section
    Problem with this place is the tutes are that damn good that one could end up not learning as deep as they should... Dont just rely on the tutorials understand your Wii...

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    ish! is correct, guide link is in my signature

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    Might want to make sure that section, of the guide, on brick potection gets COMPLETED!


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