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Thread: Gamecube backup loaders question

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    Gamecube backup loaders question

    This has probably been asked before but i'll ask anyways. I use neogamma to play my GC backups and i am just tired of problems with audio streaming. I just can't play without certain audio. Is there a loader, fix, or someway to get audio streaming to work? I remember seeing something a while back about waninkoko's cios or something like that, which would run backups from the disc channel. I was wondering if that cios would run these backups on the disc channel with no audio streaming problems.

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    I have done a hack to run GC disc backups from the Disc Channel, I don't recommend it.
    It will, almost always, crash the loader. If audio is the problem then get the Gamecube Backup Launcher 0.2.
    I have around 7 burned discs and all work 100% perfectly. You need to install a cMIOS, unless you've already
    done it. You can find all of the program and the tutorial for the cMIOS if you google them.

    If you want to load it from the Wii Menu just create or download the channel for the Gamecube Backup Launcher.

    Hope I helped! If I did, don't forget to say thanks!
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    Thanks but that didn't work either. I guess there isn't anyway to play without missing audio.

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    How do you burn the games?
    I burn them on a Mac with Disk Utility on speed 2x.

    Plus what kind of discs are you using?


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