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Thread: Factory settings again

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    Factory settings again


    I tried to softmod my wii more than a year ago, it didn't work out well I was following this guide it didn't work out well for me, my Wii banner-bricked I think (it hangs on the safety screen, I discovered that if I hold - and + I can access it on safe mode but nothing really works, many games lags or just goes black screen) and I had to spend a lot of time trying to fix it.. I noticed I don't have much time to do this since I work/study I always had to stop setting it up in the half and then everything was messed up.. I just wanted to have my wii working as it was when I bought it (a week before I tried the guide) I just had a week of having my wii fully working. I tried to format but it just goes black screen and then I have to reset and nothing actually formats :/ system won't update... I wanted to have my wii back to factory setting with no homebrew or those other stuff and fully working how can that be done?? Thanks A LOT to anyone that helps me!!

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    It might work better if you follow the softmod any wii guide. This is the best guide and easy to follow. It only takes about a half hour or so, and that is with reading it twice first. It's actually the safer way to go. The link is in the spoiler below.

    I don't really recommend removing your softmod but there is a guide here. But really it will take you just as long as fixing your existing softmod and less risk of bricking in the process.

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    First do my softmod guide chapter 1, 2, 3. When your done with the guide go to the wii settings and try the system format again. Then re-install the HBC. Let me know how that goes. You seem to have a mailbrick, or similar corruption of the system. Formatting the settings should fix this issue, let me know if it still hangs and I will give you another option to try.
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