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Thread: Loading original games with NeoGamma?

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    Loading original games with NeoGamma?

    If I run an original disc on a backup loader in the Homebrew Channel, would it face the same problems as its backup? Well, more specifically I've been thinking of getting Kirby's Return to Dreamland and I've seen that many people have been getting freezing issues. Will the original disc freeze the same way the backup does if I load it through NeoGamma or something?

    Running System Menu 3.2U, with a soldered Wiikey 1.9S chip, with Homebrew Channel installed, with cIOS 249 installed and not much softmodding done. I'm loading from discs and don't use any USB loaders.
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    If you load the original through the disc channel it uses an IOS to run. If you load it from NeoGamma it will use cIOS to load. So if the backup is freezing with the cIOS, then I assume the original loaded with the cIOS would freeze also. But if you load the original disc through the disc channel it should play fine as long as you have the IOS it needs to run.

    I would suggest to follow the softmod any wii guide to update your softmod, this would make sure you have all the updated IOS and cIOS needed.

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    Thanks! So I assume the original will still freeze from NeoGamma. Now, going a bit more specific, I've been told that to fix all the freezing issues in Kirby, I have to install IOSd2x base 56 in slot 249. But the people that have benefited from this fix are all using USB loaders, which I don't. Does this work with NeoGamma?


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