libext2fs-wii is a port of the libext2fs driver to the Nintendo GameCube/Wii, modeled on the libntfs interface. It supports the file systems ext2, ext3 and ext4 with or without compression.


EXT2/EXT3/EXT4 file systems support
Full read/write, files of any size can be created, modified, renamed, moved, or deleted.
Compression, read/write support for compressed files
Symbolic link and directory junction walking
Journaling system

Getting the latest sources

To grab the latest and greatest copy of the sources just type:
svn checkout
Compiling and Installing

Make sure you have devkitPPC and the latest libogc installed. Then from the sources root directory, type:
make install      # or 'sudo make install' if you aren't root.
To compile a debug version with a console print out of the debug information, type:
make debug        # or 'sudo make debug' if you aren't root.

Related routines can be accessed by adding the following line to your source file(s).
#include <ext2.h>
When compiling you must also link against libext2fs. To do this, add -lext2fs to the LIBS section of your application Makefile; for example:
LIBS := -lwiiuse -lbte -lext2fs -lfat -logc -lm


v1.0.3 November 05, 2011
Sync with git snapshot 2011-10-17 / ext2fs 1.42-WIP-1016
Fixed symlink follow
Added support for drives with greater than 512 bytes per sector
Some speed up in read/write

Download libext2fs-wii
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