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Thread: Gather newbie questions

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    Gather newbie questions

    Good afternoon in my timezone.

    IOS version 4.2e
    I was able to get bootmii as boot2.
    Probably there are some questions that i will be able to find in this forum, but because i want to ask a lot of newbie questions , i think it is easier to gather all of them in just one post.
    I am newbie regarding the hacking wii process.
    I follow this tutorial to hack my wii :OUTSIDE LINK REMOVED
    It says that in the end of the process i would have a backup of my NAND memory in the S.D card , but that did not happen,so i run the BootMii and i did the NAND backup.
    Then i found a thread in this forum that i have a lot of more steps :
    The first question that i make is : In that thread there is a section called "The extermination of the evil stub ios249", is this equivalent to the Trucha bug steps that are in the first tutorial ?
    Second question :I want to use Internet channel, i can get it by 0 points through "Wii Shop Channel" , should i get through this way (official way)? My fear is that when i get it ,it will upgrade my OS version to an higher version ?Is this possible ? Or should i get any channel ,like "Internet Channel","EveryBody Votes" , through another place.
    Third question : From where can i download "free" games to my Wii,i saw three WebSites where i can download thousand of games , but in all of them i have to pay("Wii Download Bay","Unlimited Downloads","Game Media Center").
    Torrents are the only option ?
    Fourth question : How i run games through my SD card ?
    Fifth question(more technically): If i burn a cd with a game , i just have to put the cd in the wii and i can play it like it is a normal cd.How this happen? Homebrew channel is an application to read application from the SD an USB.
    BootMii replaced the boot2.So before i crack the Wii , if i tryied to play a burn cd it was not recognize but now it is ? So what change ?

    I think this pack of question will help a lot of other users.
    Thanks in advance
    Best regards
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    I can't answer all your questions. I got the Internet channel before I hacked so I don't know about that. I know that if you hack using the guide on this site then you will be able to block updates. I do know that torrents and piracy are not accepted on this site. So this is not the place for any of those.

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    You should make a post in the introduce yourself section of the site. A mod will welcome you and give you a bunch of links and helpful info.

    Now to some of your questions:
    - we do not support outside guides or how they do things (a lot of times they are full of fail)
    - the best guide to follow on this forum is the Softmod ANY Wii guide
    - if you follow the above guide you will not have to worry about accidental or unintentional updates thanks to priiloader, so yes you can use Wiishop, Internet Channel, etc.
    - downloading games from the internet is piracy and is not supported by anyone here on this site.
    - you can't run games from your sd card (as in through the Wii's SD card slot)
    - you either need another program to run the burned disc, or you have darkcorp installed, which is why you can now play burned discs

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    OK, i went to the hassle of removing the external link (violation #1), then I moved the thread to the correct forum (violation #2), then I read the entire post and realized that you are looking to be a pirate (violation #3) Read the forum rules before you make any more posts. This one is closed.

    I should delete cjizzle's post to keep you from actually getting helped, but I will leave it there. Hopefully this is the only time you need to be warned about these things.

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