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Thread: Sony reduces number of allowed activated consoles from 5 to 2.

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    Sony reduces number of allowed activated consoles from 5 to 2.

    What are your thoughts on this? Personally it bothers me. I get that Sony has been tightening security due to the hack last year and the issue they have with game-sharing. However, I think they are hurting their fan base more then they are strengthening their security. Not to mention the fact that Sony taking away features, is becoming a nasty little trend.

    They gave us the ability to play PS2 disks and took it away. They let us install Linux and took it away. Now this. I can only imagine what is next. If I buy a digital game, why should there be limitations on the number of consoles I can play it on? Valve lets me install my Steam games on as many computers as I wish.

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    Can't say I like this but I definitely knew this was going to happen sooner or later. A lot of people used this method to download game they didn't bought. A good example would be the Call of Duty map packs.


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