Good day every one,

I'm new with this soft mode, since I soft mode my wii I havent had any problems untill now. My son was playing SSBB and the game froze I'm guessing He reset the wii but when he try to go back to the cfg usb loader he got this message.

Mounting divice please wait 90 sec timeou.

Divice is not responding make sure usb loader port 0 is use the one
nearest to the edge, you can also try unpluging and plugin back the driver
or just wait some more.

Press A to select divice
Press B to exit to HBC
Press HOME to reset
Press 2 to reload iso248

I've pluged and unpluged everything waiting a long time ans still can get to the games
on my HD....does anyone had has this problem before os seen something like this
I would real;y appreciate any help.