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Thread: How to Scrub

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    How to Scrub

    So, it's been awhile but i finally bought another wii. I softmodded it without any error and I seriously don't remember it being this easy before...gah, i love Letterbomb,

    ANYWHOO, I am backing up all my wii games i got in an awesome bundle on SUPERAWESOMEFINDEVERYTHINGlist...aka, craigslist. After looking around online, Some of these games are "kinda" hard to find, and /v/ recommends alot of them. So, to keep them safe for awhile, I'd like to back them up. Now, i know how to backup games by using my wii and all that.

    But the problem im having, is when they are on my computer, how do i scrub them for storage? I don't want them eating a WHOLE HUGE amount of space, but as little as possible. I know there was a tool, but its name is evasive as a golden snitch. Someone care to enlighten me?

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    Use a wii game manager to convert to .wbfs format or convert them to a rar file

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    try "wii scrubber" in your google search
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