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Thread: Installed as told, will not all...hackless I am...

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    Installed as told, will not all...hackless I am...

    I have a black Wii running 4.3u

    I installed Homebrew and additional apps using this video:

    Everything went smooth, Homebrew installed as well as the apps; however, when I went to run a game via USB loader it got nothing. I ended up doing an install when I tried to access the Wii internet channel and believe that might be my problem. Nevertheless, when I go to Homebrew now, I have no apps available. When I go to Preloader and use Bootmii I get a blank screen and the blue light flashing around where I load discs. I can load USB CFG onto my SD card and go to load and then insert the USB or SD card and it states it is unable to mount. I loaded Dop Mii onto the SD card and hope to follow these instructions:

    However, when I go to the Homebrew channel, as explained in the very first step I do not have the app to load from so I cannot go anywhere. I downloaded and extraced the file in that link directly to my SD card and then went to Homebrew and NOTHING is there. As I said before, going to Bootmii does nothing. I have no idea where to go from here. I could care less about burned backup games or Gamecube, I just want to run games via my USB drive...that is all. I do not mind wiping, downloading, running, whatever...but I need some help from someone, pleASE!!!! =0) If someone had a youtube video that would help, like the one posted above, that would wonderful as following his instructions went beautifully. It was when I started following some of the written instructions that it was unclear and left room for error, I think. Either way, let me know, thank you so much or generously offering your time and help.
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    no failtube links here.

    Best way to get support here is to follow one of the guides here. Check my sig for some examples.


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