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Thread: Wii Classic Controller Question

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    Wii Classic Controller Question

    Just a question about these controllers, I beleive they plug into the base of Wiimote and not in the Game Cube ports. Do these work with most of the game titles for example mario Kart, I'm not a lover of using the Wiiwheel.



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    It Depends on the game! It will say on the game case what controllers will work with what game.. or you can search google... and see what i found

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    Cheers dude, I've softmoded my Wii and there's a few cheats I have that let me use the old Game Cube controllers on a few games but not everything of course. I don't really get on with the controls on the wii for somereason, things like wii party are good with the family, but I find like on metroid for example it seams to spoil the game play a little and on similar games on the X-Box not taking graphics into account games seem more playable.


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