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Thread: Need help getting my softmodded Wii completely up to date (on 4.2u right now)

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    Need help getting my softmodded Wii completely up to date (on 4.2u right now)

    I softmodded my wii a while ago and haven't really touched it for quite some time so everything about the Wii hack scene is completely new and fresh to me. I'd consider me a newbie really even if I softmodded a Wii already.

    So what do I need to do to get my Wii completely up to date with the latest and greatest? The tutorials I've read here and elsewhere seem to focus on modding a standard Wii. I already have a softmodded Wii so I am hoping it is a relatively easy process to get things up to date.

    I would also take any help/recommendations on what to do to improve my Wii. I've read things on FAT32 drives instead of the WBFS, playing burned disc games (my wii hardware couldn't do this when I softmodded it, can I now?), and other things. But frankly I have no real idea what they are or how to use them.

    I have the homebrew channel, system menu says 4.2u. I dont remember how I softmodded it to be honest. I can find any info from the Wii that is needed in order to help me out.

    Is there a list or tutorial of all the recommended and popular hacks one should do or look into?

    This is the guide I am going to follow to update
    If you already have a softmod with HBC installed, you can update your softmod with this guide.

    Note: 4.3 wiis can skip installation of ios58 and 61, and simply load Hackmii from the HBC.
    Note: If you get error ret -1035 while installing ios58 and 61, skip the wad install and continue. You already have them.

    Backup and Format your sd-card
    Extract to sd:\ -mirror
    Load the HomeBrew Channel
    Launch Multi-Mod Manager -MMM will load

    -Select Wad Manager -Press A
    -Press 1, -press A -Install all wads
    -IOS58 and IOS61 will install
    -Press "any button"
    -Press 2- load "App Manager"
    -Select hackmii_installer_v0.8 -Press A
    Hackmii Installer Loads
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    You're on the right track mate. Follow that guide.


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