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Thread: Yet another bricked wii! Not sure if its brick

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    Yet another bricked wii! Not sure if its brick

    Hi Guys, I'm new here. I've got a bricked Wii. It's on 4.3U. It's full brick because nothing shows up on the screen. The Disc drive still blinks two times when I turn on the Wii. It still makes noise.

    I still hear noise when I put a disc on the drive but still nothing shows up. I don't have any access in Priiloader even how many minutes I press on the reset button. I have bootmii as IOS but not boot2 because my Wii is black.

    Tried SaveMiiFrii on my Wii but nothing happened.Even If I remove the plastic sh#t from the D-PAD.

    I still had the rubber like thingy on the D-PAD when I pressed all of the buttons. I have a NAND backup of my Wii. I just got the backup after I softmodded my Wii. Also, I'm not sure If its brick because I saw in a forum here, I think it's in the Oh SH*T forum. I read there that even if I can turn on my Wii using the wiimote, but it doesn't sync it means that the bluetooth module is destroyed.

    Is that true?? because I don't want to waste money in buying a bluetooth module and it didn't fix my Wii. Also I sent it to my uncle who I thought could fix Wiis because he fixed my GC.

    He said that the Main Processor got destroyed. I didn't even know that a brick can destroy a Proccessor. Any suggesstions before I send it on reflashing of NAND? Also when I let it be reflashed do I need the keys of my Wii. If yes how do I get them?
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    Oh... my... gawd...

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    My eyes started going blurry when trying to read the wall of txt.

    Try constructing full sentences instead of short snappy ones, add some line breaks/paragraphs.

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    It very well could be the blue tooth module if your remotes don't sync up. What happened to cause the brick? That info will help diagnose what's wrong with it.

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    Fixed the wall of text Looks a bit better now

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    Thanks guys for fixing my thread, anyway here's what happened before my Wii got bricked.

    I was trying to play Wii Sports Resort on my Wii. Then after I've inserted the disc on the disc drive, Something showed up on the banner of The Disc Channel, "Wii Disc Update".I was schocked because at that time I was already at 4.3U and I know that Wii sports Resort will just update to 4.0U OR 4.1U.

    I also had Priiloader installed at that time with the "Block Disc Updates" and the "Block Online Updates" enabled. So I thought the Priiloader was already outdated so I thought I had to download the new version so that I would go from 0.3 to 0.7.

    So there I was downloading Priiloader 0.7 but even how many times I download it, the file gets corrupted. Then I just thought of finding a Priiloader in my Computer because I knew I had downloaded a 0.5 version of Priiloader. And there I saw it in my Downloads folder. So I extracted it to the apps folder of my SD card.

    Then I got to my Wii, I use MMM to install Priiloader and not HBC. So there I clicked install then it does its thing, then what it would normally do is sho you something about like 5S and then like after 5 seconds the screen would look like blurd or something. So I waited for that kind of screen to show up but instead I got something on my screen talking about STACK DUMP thingy.

    So I thought that Priiloader was already installed so I turned off my Wii then turned it back on.....NOTHING SHOWS UP ((((

    There no access to BootMii 'cause got it installed as IOS and I had no other choices to install it. Also no access to Priiloader and I don't know why. I can turn on my Wii with wiimote but it can't be synced and the wiimote can't stay on.

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    Only nand reprogramming can fix your wii, and only if you have a nand backup. If you have a nand.bin or key.bin file from bootmii from that wii, send it to a nand programmer to have it fixed. Priiloader v0.5 is known to brick wiis, sorry.
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