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Thread: I have a Nintendo Wii, and I have a couple of questions before I try to "softmod" it.

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    I have a Nintendo Wii, and I have a couple of questions before I try to "softmod" it.


    I am very green to the Wii hacking scene, and I have a Nintendo Wii that I want to softmod, but before I do, I have some questions:

    A) How do I find out what my system is (meaning that do I need to check for the system firmware and/or the model type; a friend of mine told me that there are several different model types of Wii, and I need to find out which I have before I attempt to do anything with it)?

    B) Do I ABSOLUTELY NEED/REQUIRE an SD card for any softmodding procedures, or can I use a USB drive to softmod my Wii? I have the files already downloaded...

    C) Which is the best/safest mode of softmodding a Wii?

    I would appreciate any and all help in regards to this matter! :-)

    -Cameron Brown

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    To check what system menu you are on, go into wii settings and look in the top right corner.

    Yes you will require an SD card to do the initial softmodding, but after that you can load Apps/Homebrew
    from USB.

    Maui's "Softmod any Wii" guide is by far the best softmodding guide around. So my advice would be to follow that.
    You'll find a link to said guide in the "Useful Links" spoiler in my signature.

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    Super sonic,
    My personal advice is to follow the guide all the way through. I kinda messed up on that before I joined the site. Fixed now, but could have done it right the first time. Best of luck on your hacking ventures!


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    click on the "must read guide for noobs" in my signature, it will enlighten you.

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    My best advise is to tell you follow any advise given from wiihacks staff and if you have more question or get stuck in a guide use the chat button on this site. And get live help for quick fixes. There is always someone on that may have the knowledge to help you.


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