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Thread: Noobish Help(didn't know where to put this)

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    Noobish Help(didn't know where to put this)

    Ok most of y'all my already know me but here's a brief background of my issues....I had a Red Wii that got bricked. it was 4.3u and it was the first Wii i've soft modded. Now i brought a Used Wii and installed HBC. after that i'm pretty much lost cause this wii here is ver. 3.4u and im not sure if the same apps, wad,and/or Cios will work...if needed i can show someone what Cios i have and if they can and will work with this Older version....Help me plz

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    The SM version does not really matter, it is the ios/cios that make the wii run properly. If you follow the softmod any wii guide it will update you to 4.1 which is the ideal sm anyhow. Just follow the guide and you will have everything you need. There is a link in my signature.

    moving thread, this is not related to a specific backup......newbie section for you.

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    If you follow the Mauifrogs Softmodd Any Wii guide from start to finish you will be good to go. Don't skip any steps at all!

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    Make sure to follow the guide all the way to the end. The first time, I only followed it up to the homebrew channel, so I could play DVDs. I ended up having to redo the whole thing so I could play my original games.


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