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Thread: SSBB not working

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    SSBB not working

    I downloaded SSBB DVD5 version, but when i insert it in my wii, i get an error telling me to eject the disc and restart the wii. Hundreds of other backups have worked 100% properly! What could be the reason? Im using D2Sun w/WiiClip

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    you have played over 200 wii games o.O;; crazy

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    No, you know what I mean =P But thanks, I'll try! Any thought on what DVDs I should use? Verbatim and Memorex DVD+R DL are the best, no?

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    verbatim, is the way to go

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    If I am not mistaken I believe Brawl is on Dual Layer DVD so I would think you would need a disc of that calibur to even burn it properly but then again I am not 100% positive on that. I could be wrong.

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    it is, if you read that link it tells u all u need to know about it =P

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    Homebrew Channel Error

    When I try to install the Homebrew Channel via the Twilight hack, I get error code 2011, what can I do?

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    with the game or via instatation?
    having problems? ask me
    i can help you

    need a sig help XD

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    I got it all working now, using the Emperor of Canada Gamma Pack. I had a problem with the cIOS installer, seemed like the "press a" screen froze. The trick was to remove the gamecube memcard, idk why =P Now Brawl DVD5 version works perfectly ^^

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