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Thread: Wii fit plus disc "could not be read"

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    Wii fit plus disc "could not be read"

    Hello all,

    This wii fit plus disc was running when we purchased it and then suddenly quit working. The wii reads it, gives me the option to start it, and when i do, the remote make a sound and I get the message: The game disc could not be read. Refer to the wii owners manual for details. I'm guessing that somehow the disc just went bad. It doesn't appear to be real scratched up. I've dumped it onto a thumb drive usinf the configurable USB Loader. It recognizes the game and then I get the same error. Any ideas? Like I said, I figure it's a bad disc, but would like to know if there's any other way to fix it.


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    Yeah sounds like a bad disc. Making a copy of a bad disc will result in the same thing as running the bad disc My wii fit plus did the same thing, I had to borrow my brothers copy to get a good rip.

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    Thanks. Yeah I may have to borrow a disc from someone.


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