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Thread: Wii remote stopped working!

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    Question Wii remote stopped working!

    Hey guys. I need some hints on to what could be happening. the wii remote works fine when I'm in the wii menu, however when I enter to homebrew or start a normal wii game the wii mote stops working. it was working fine before, last thing I did was play new super mario wii thru homebrew and switch it off when done.. when I tried to play the wii again, it started to do this.

    it would be great if someone has a clue or fix this problem before.

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    Sounds like you lost your cios. There is a guide to post a system check, and that would be your best bet. Instead of trying to guess at vague details.
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    I fix the problem, it was stupid but it got me thinking for a wile, I thought it was a lost cIOS as well but I had them all. in anycase this happens to anyone else, what happen was my controller got switch to the second player somehow, even tho it showed the 1st blue light on "weird". this allowed me to chose games or homebrew from the wii menu but since is the second controller it wont allow me to play games like zelda. I tested the controller in a different wii to see if it was the remote, but when I sync it back to mine it was fine again. if this happens to anyone try to do that before messing around with any cIOS. I seen some ppl with the same problem around on the internet.

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