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Thread: Wbfs manager loading iso issue

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    Wbfs manager loading iso issue

    Hey, because playing burned dvds on a black wii is impossible, i want to do it via an usb stick.
    I got my wii iso already downloaded and I used wbfs manager to load it on my usb.
    But when I load my game it goes all good, when it reaches the middle..
    It stops there and I waited like 2 hours but it didn't move, is there a other way to do that or something? thankyou

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    WBFS format is outdated. We have a guide for FAT32 loading (which is far superior IMHO). Also, a lot of peeps use the term "download" interchangeably with "ripping their original disc to their cpu/HDD". I hope you are one of those, considering if you meant you downloaded the iso from the net you would be violating site rules (not to mention that it is illegal).


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