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Thread: Twilight help please

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    Twilight help please

    got wii version 3.3 played zelda saved a game. Loaded files on sd card erased saved game from wii tried to copy twilight from sd to wii will not copy what am i doing wrong please help

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    use beta 1, not 2

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    now my screen is frozen when im talking to the guy

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    this what i get now goes to black screen with white letter and this is what all it says

    releasingstm...... old callback released
    getting sd card status:00000001
    sd reset card():got reply = e6240000
    card status: 00000900 {transfer}
    sd setblock length (512)
    sd set bus width()
    sd card detected
    usbgeko serial interface not detected
    loading fat
    oemname:msdos5.0, 64 sectors/clusters, 2 reserved sectors
    ,fat16 (512)
    fat size = 1e600
    fat starts at sector 0xfb
    / starts at sector 0x 2 ei
    reading boot.dol:
    start cluster = 0002
    failed to read boot.elf (-1) !
    no coe foundtoload

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    got it figured out thanks so much

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    hi crshin2me i have the same problem as you....wat did you do to fix it..thanks for your time


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