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Thread: EA sports Active 2 - 2 players

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    EA sports Active 2 - 2 players

    Dear all,
    I've been previously running my EA Sports Active 2 via my backup copy through USB Loader CFG. This takes up 1 USB Wii port while the EA Sports Active 2 sensor use the other.
    I ensure that my USB Loader CFG is configured to IOS223 + 002 fix to run the game.

    Recently, I've bought yet another copy of the EA Sports Active 2 to allow me a second player mode. However, i realised late that since both Wii USB ports had been used (1 by HDD, 2nd by FIRST EA Sports Active sensor), i cant get the 2nd unit plugged in UNLESS, i somehow run an alternative software (instead of USB Loader CFG, and hence free up 1 Wii USB slot).

    Have you guys had any success with other software (e.g. gecko, etc) to run EA Sports Active 2?


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    You do not need the 2nd usb dongle. The first one will recognize your 2nd set of sensors.


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