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Thread: Configurable Loader Problem

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    Angry Configurable Loader Problem

    I just put the new Kirby on my sister's HDD to play so I set it up to use IOS 250, because that's what eliminated the freezing problem on mine when you enter the Challenge area. Anyways the game froze after you press 2 at the title screen, so I snooped around and noticed that her IOS 249 was version 17 so after researching I finally got that updated and now when I start the Loader it says "249 [FRAG]" and goes on to load and when I try to start Kirby it starts to load saying: "IOS(250) ...[FRAG]..." and then the Wii freezes. The USB Configurable Loader is the latest version (70) and the IOS250 version is v65525 (or something like that) System Menu is 4.3.

    So is there anything I can do?

    Oh and she had updated the Nintendo Channel via Nintendo (Against my Specific advice NOT to update ANYTHING without me knowing or telling her to)

    Thanks I appreciate it.

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    The newest Kirby needs an IOS with a 56 base. Follow the d2x installation guide in my sig and install base 56 to slot 249. I would highly recommend you go ahead and follow the recommended setup to get the most compatibility.

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    Thanks for the reply. I will try this as soon as I get up tomorrow.

    EDIT: Thanks it worked!
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