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Thread: Metroid Other M - Not fully bricked (or not at all) update interrupted issue

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    Metroid Other M - Not fully bricked (or not at all) update interrupted issue

    Hi there guys.

    Yesterday I downloaded and burned Metroid Other M. I then inserted it on the Wii, and when it asked for the update, I pressed "OK".
    There was a while I didn't play the Wii, so I forgot about it, and quickly powered it off.
    Not so quick, I think. When I powered it on again, it had some new channels, but it was likely normal. I tried a few games, and I can play them as before, no issues.

    But then I used WiU 1.1 to remove the update and burned another copy Metroid Other M, but when I insert it on the Wii, it makes the hand pointer go away, and the controllers non-responsive.
    At first I thought it has been some kind of error when burning the second copy, but then I inserted the first one (the one with the update) and it was the same.
    If I try to insert the disc before powering on the Wii, it will stay on that "press A" screen, as the controllers go non-responsive.

    Anyway, it's not a major issue, I can still play and stuff, but I really want to play Metroid Other M.
    Anyone has been on this same situation? Any suggestions?

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    WiiHacks doesn't support piracy.

    Thread Closed..


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