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Thread: Still having problems with gx 2.3

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    Still having problems with gx 2.3

    Ok here's the story...I have been having problems getting backups to load when partial emu nand is selected. After some good advice from narse1979 and red_gh0st I have successfully removed darkcorp and made sure my syscheck matched the one in the removal thread so I know it's gone but I am still getting an error message and freezing...I am on d2x v7 and not every game freezes. It's only when I get to about the 8th or 9th game (loading them one after the other to test) What's weird is all the games that did load will still load but no new games will load after the error screen. If I remove the gx folder from the hdd then put it back on I can start over again for about 8 or 9 then same thing again. This is really starting to bug me now so any help would be appreciated.

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    Can you post your latest syscheck please

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    Here you go mate


    As I said it's really random it's not the same game that it freezes with and am just wondering if it's only because it's not being tested under normal use. But continually loading then resetting

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    Thanks for all your help lads. I think I've got it sorted now. Because I'm using multiple partitions on my hdd. I had to add new path file folders to my fat 32 partition to enable setting defaults to that partition and stop it jumping to usb 2 (partition) instead of usb 3 as default.


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