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Thread: USB Stick = not enough.

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    USB Stick = not enough.


    But seriously, hi.

    I moved to Japan a few months ago and left my consoles in England. I just bought a used Wii, hackificated it, and all is well. I've been using an 8GB USB stick so far, with USB Loader GX 2.3 r1123, and it's been working fine. I partitioned, made active and primary, and formatted 100GB of my 2TB HDD. I used WBFS Manager, and once I realised that I needed to make the new partition active before doing so (thanks, random forum post I found!), it formatted the partition to WBFS fine.

    I then used Wii Backup Manager (as that's what I was using with the USB stick, and it seems to be the easiest app (you can add a folder full of ISOs, RARs and WBFS files, and it knows how to deal with them)). It works OK, transfers as normal. I then load USB Loader GX on my Wii, and it doesn't tell me that nothing is connected, but the countdown with "waiting for USB device" pops up and counts down. After it hits zero, the app loads up and I get an error saying USB device not connected.

    I've tried quickly disconnecting and reconnecting the drive, and it still does the same thing. When I did it though, I could hear the drive whirring and doing things. Perhaps that was just normal "I've just been connected to something" behaviour, or perhaps it just needs more time since it's such a big drive? Is there any (preferably easy!) way of telling USB Loader GX to have a longer countdown while it looks at my HDD? Because it's obviously recognising that there's something there, it just doesn't know what to do with it.

    If anyone has any other suggestions, they'd be greatly appreciated. I could just buy a bigger USB stick I suppose, but that's obviously not preferable.

    (my HDD is a random Japanese brand)

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    Did you verify the controller/HD combo you're using is compatible? There's a compatibility list maintained on this website. Also, make sure you plug it into the proper USB port on back --- you could get the result if you erroneously attached it to the other port...

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    As I said in the post, the HDD is a random Japanese brand, so it isn't in the compatibility list. And no I'm not using the wrong slot - I've had everything working with a USB stick.

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    You have had everything working with A usb stick in general or that actual usb stick? Not all hdd's are compatible.. This area is for intros only so not your questions..... A vwa will come along shortly to welcome you. Thread Closed...


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