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Thread: My wii if fully bricked i need help, or i think it is im not sure help please???

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    My wii if fully bricked i need help, or i think it is im not sure help please???

    ...okay so i was installing the usb loader gx to play black ops on it...anyways ......i followed the video on you tube on it i did exactly what the video said to do.....i installed the iso's&nbsp; that it said to do right.......okay so when it told me to do it from the wii sd slot my&nbsp; left finger was on the wiimote directional pad.. and without me knowing i changed it to usb hardrive...and i pressed A froze for some time i left it for 2 hours and nothing happened then&nbsp; it turned to this green screen thing with lines going across the sceen and then it went to a black screen and my wii shut off.....i turned it on and the tv just said tv input ........and i dont have bootmii nor priiloader......BTW when i did this the first time it was a success but when i wanted to play a game disc it told me to update it right so i did and it changed it to 4.1u my Wii is originally 4.3u and after this happen idnt know wht is it now...... I NEED HELP PLEASE<img src="" alt="" title="Frown" smilieid="11" class="inlineimg" border="0">

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    You posted 2 threads about this. Try and stick to the one


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