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Thread: Hello all!

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    Hello all!


    Hope everyone is good out there! I just bought my second wii a few days ago. My first was stolen from me and it was never modded. My new wii is used and already came soft modded with homebrew and wiiflow, and other stuff. The guy I bought it from included an SD card with all the hacked program stuff. It came with an external hd too. He did not explain anything to me other than how to use WBFS and install games on the hd. I noticed from looking at the sd card on the wii menu that he used bannerbomb to mod it.

    I have been researching on this site and others almost non stop for the past few days trying to learn, and I have learned a lot about the process of soft modding and I have a brand new wii modding vocab. I am currently on 4.2U. There are a few glitches i have noticed like wad manager and priloader both freeze my wii when i load them from the hb channel. There have also been other times when the wii just freezes and i have to unplug it.

    I also want to know more about updating ios and cios and also if I need or will need any other ios or cios.

    I have successfully installed homebrew browser and updated the shopping channel with a wad i downloaded from with NUSD so far. But I cant figure out how to use NUSD for downloading anything else. Nothing else I try turns into a wad. It must have been a fluke that i got the shopping channel wad to work so easily. Since I did not mod this wii myself, I'm not sure what has been done, added or what else i might need. Other than the few glitches i mentioned, my wii is working fine, I think. I am able to load games from the usb drive and play them .

    One other thing I am trying to figure out is how to play wii ware games and VC games. I downloaded a nes emulator on homebrew browser, but not sure where to get games. On my old wii, which is gone now, I had purchased countless wiiware and vcgames and I have not been able to figure out how to get them on my new modded wii. I miss my old mario and sonic games badly!! My wii is connected to the internet and I would also like to know what apps i can get through homebrew that can assist with upgrading everything safely. Any other useful app suggestions would be great too. I would rather do whatever I can online through my wii, rather than going to my computer and downloading on to an sd, even though I can do that too. I have been reading a lot of the guides on here and I dont want to brick my wii by doing things wrong. I also don't want to do a completely new soft mod on this wii, since it has already been done and works. I'm sure i will be posting many questions in the future, but if anyone could help me find a starting point that would be great. I look forward to talking to you all!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the forum Ashes23! A mod will be along shortly to give you an official welcome along with some great links to get you started. As this is an introduce yourself thread, we don't generally answer questions here. I can tell you seem to have been doing your research, so if you would like to post some of your questions in the Wiihacks Newbie's Discussion Forum someone will be along to answer them. Don't forget to check back here for your official Welcome!

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    and welcome to

    Thank you for becoming a member of the best wii modding site around!

    First off you need to read the
    Site rules and try your best to abide by them.

    Now we know the rules its time to find the right guide for modding your wii, I recommend the

    The Softmod Any Wii Guide by Mauifrog

    This guide works for all wii's

    And Bluphant's noobs guide - Basic introduction to wii hacking

    There are also other guides which you can find in the
    Guides and tutorials section

    Once you have completed the guide you need to ascertain if your wii is capable of playing backups via the disc drive or whether you need to be usb loading.

    Wii's post 2009 generally cannot play backups via the disc drive and have to use usb loading.

    I recommend usb loading anyway as you can add an remove your games easily and there is no wear and tear on your disc drive and no messing about with discs etc.

    What you will need to know -

    What drives are compatible -
    Usb Compatibility list

    How to set your drive up -
    Loading and Playing Wii Backup Games from USB HDD

    Once your HDD is setup and ready to go, you will need a program to manage your games!
    Checkout Peire's
    Wii Game Manager Guide

    Now your set up and ready to go, but you run in to a problem with one of your game backups -

    List of problematic games and the solutions

    Now if you're a modchip user you need to get over to the
    Modchip Section

    Wiihacks also has an IRC chat room so you can get live help and assistance from staff and other

    members -
    IRC welcome and rules

    Other useful guides -

    Ultimate Wiihacks index

    Wiihacks guides - The Authors Index

    Multi Mod Manager guide

    Check out our resident site artist Peire's GFX Shop
    And his
    Free Signature Give Away!

    Finally if Wiihacks have helped you in any way you can help us keep helping by donating to keep us going!

    Sent from my Nexus One using WiiHacks

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    Now thats what I call "shortly" Pob


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