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Thread: Wii not working like it should

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    Wii not working like it should

    Hello there, i turn to you forumgoers for some assistance in getting the most out of my wii. it has been ages since i first softmodded it, so i dont recall what tutorial i used. all i can say is that i used some savegame from the zelda game.

    so, here's the issue;
    Wiiflow says "WBFS_Open failed" and i've tried installing usbloader GX also, but it blackscreens when i try to launch it. could you guys please help me? i have been spoiled by the ps3 hacking scene, where you install a .PUP and your good to go. please, i would REALLY like wiiflow, it looks so nice.

    oh, and a sidenote, i can just press A on the wiimote after wiiflow fails to load, and i can fiddle with some settings there, and when i try to press install game, nothing happens.

    thanks, in advance

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    If your mod is old then your cios and ios' will be out of date. I'd follow the mod any wii guide to get you up to date...


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