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Thread: Bricked wii while trying to play Kirby dreamland.

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    Bricked wii while trying to play Kirby dreamland.

    Hi, I was trying to play Kirby dreamland from usb loader. Suddenly screen become all white. Tried to reboot but getting only black screen (no health screen).

    I have a wasabi dx, so I tried autoboot with GC controller. I got the black scren with the menu version (4.1 USA) on the bottom right of the screen but unable to load any disk. I tried the wad manager, the any change region and the BootMiiDisc v1. All are doing some disc spin and then stop.

    Also unable to load any game disc.

    Anything else I can try before throwing wii to trash?


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    What loader was it? I take you are softmodded as well or not?

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    I am using wiiflow usb loder (from a channel). I don't think I had any softmode. Probably never installed bootmii.

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    Probably a bad bt module. Hold reset and power on the wii, see if you have priiloader installed.
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