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Thread: Wiimms ISO Tools v2.01a

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    Wiimms ISO Tools v2.01a

    Wiimms ISO Tools is a set of command line tools to manipulate Wii and GameCube ISO images and WBFS containers.The advantage of ISO Wiimms & WBFS tools is clearly this, that you can create batch files for repetitive tasks. This program is available for the three major operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac (OS X). This version contains many improvements and innovations. See below for changes list and download links.


    wit v2.01a r3138 - 2011-10-27
    - Windows version only: Cygwin DLL Update to 1.7.9-1
    - Bug fix (thanx to fig2k4): Special characters in file names with FST code
    > 127 will now be translated into UTF-8 to list and create files correct.
    - "LIST wwt" New option for: - Fragments: Fragments and a print ratio instead
    of the region info. A summary line is printed too.
    - New Command: LIST-F wwt | LF: Short cut for "wwt LIST - fragments"
    - Option - sort = fragments some sort listings by the number of WBFS fragments.
    - Option - is almost ignored and will be removed in the near future.
    Please do not use - virtually any longer.
    - New option: - copy-gc: If extracting a GameCube disc image, do not extract
    the real files to '/ files /...'. Instead create a copy of the source image
    and store it as 'game.iso'. If the source image have the correct format and
    option - no-link is not set, try a hard link first.
    - Option - replaces the old neek - sneek, but - sneek is so accepted.
    Option - neek now includes option - copy-gc.
    - "Wit extract - neek - least% i": Extract DiscEx like (but faster!).
    The only change is for the GameCube discs because of implied - copy-gc.

    Known bugs:
    - There are new problems while reading from non seekable sources (eg pipes).
    The reason is the complete new and more intelligent lib Which makes wiidisc
    more lookups ==> The best is to use version 1.01c for pipes.

    Download Wiimms ISO Tools v2.01a
    Source- WIT: Wiimms ISO Tools

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    Does this work with dios mios lite?


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    Any problems with this program? It would be great for storing iso/wbfs backups on a second drive. I converted a 4.5gb iso to a 400mb wia.


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