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Thread: What happens if a dusc needs an update to work?

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    What happens if a dusc needs an update to work?

    I have a friend who is wondering what happens when his wii is hacked and he puts in a new disc that wants to update the wii? Will the disc work? Will it work if he uses priiloader to block disc updates?



    (Sorry about the misspelling in the title)

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    Games only require an iOS to run and not system menus. So you could block the disc update with Priiloader and it will run fine, once you have the needed iOS installed. IOS can be installed manually so no need to update. If you softmodded here this year, you'll be up-to date and have all needed iOS already.

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    Alright. Thanks. I'll have to tell him that.

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    Read the newbie guide in my signature. Got a lot of info in there.

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    Thanks a million BluPhant. Nice to have it all written down in one place.
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