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Thread: HELP WITH Wii Error Msg "The System Files Are Corrupted"

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    HELP WITH Wii Error Msg "The System Files Are Corrupted"

    so i've had this problem for about half a year now and i've decided i need to play my wii. This error msg pops up everytime i do the follow:

    Open a the disc channel and click back to the menu
    Opening the settings
    Opening the settings and clicking any option
    Clicking any channel other than the disc channel
    Open the msg board and try to click and run the updates from there

    I started noticing this happening when one day my wii was on by itself.. i remembered the last time i played it was a few weeks before so i was guessing it was on for a week or 2 without turning off. i can go into the disc channel and run any game with no problems at all. as soon as i quit back to the menu i get the error again.

    this wouldn't be such a big deal if i didn't mod my wii. now i have a HDD full of games and roms i could play but i cannot access any other channel but the disc channel.

    I've looked everywhere for support but the only solution is to call nintendo and pay them $75 to have them repair it.. but it costs 99 for a used wii at gamestop.. i have read somewhere i could try to use a game with a firmware update on it to try to force my wii to update to 4.3u. thing is i dont buy wii games as i can just download them. is there a way to get just the update to 4.3 on a disc somewhere or even any other solutions for attempting to fix this..

    any input would help


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    You don't buy games, you download them?
    I'm sorry you have this problem, but the thing
    is WiiHacks doesn't support piracy.
    A read of the rules, and you would've known this.
    Thread closed.


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